Dove’s Eyes

Dove’s eyes. Doves have very special eyes. Doves have no peripheral vision. So their eyes are always focused on what is in front of them.

I love the song by Misty Edwards that says:

“I don’t want to talk about you like your not in the room.
I wanna look right at you, wanna sing right to you.
I believe that you are listening.
I believe that you move at the sound of my voice.
Give me dove’s eyes
Give me undistracted devotion for only You.”

That’s what I want. That is what I DESIRE! In the depths of my being, in the depths of my soul all I want is to be completely and over taken with Jesus. He is ALL that is worth living for. The only thing worth living for. I adore my husband and love my children to death! But it is God who gives me air to breathe and life to live and Christ who saves me from certain death. So in the end I live only for Him, and not only the end, but even now. I want my eyes to forever be fixed on the cross. On my Jesus. I don’t want to waiver or get as close to sin as I possibly can and think it’s ok. I don’t want to compromise. I want to be “in” the world but not “of” it!

Friends we are called to live a life of focus and dedication to Christ. To have Dove’s eyes. If we keep our eyes fixed upon He that saves us we can not fail! Yes. We are human. And yes we will fail. But if we can continuously keep our eyes upon the One who created us, the One who loves us, the One who DESIRES us! Our craving for things of this world fade away and we are taken in an amazing journey with the Savior.

I have created this blog for this very reason. To keep my eyes fixed upon Him. I will be going through a small bible study with myself and to keep myself accountable to keep at it everyday, I have decided to share my thoughts, notes, opinions and passions on here with all of you. So if any of you want to join me on my journey please feel free to read along with me, follow along in your bible as well, and be kept accountable and read your word daily right along with me! I would also love to hear any comments as well so please feel free to write me if this encouraged you, made you struggle or pushed you out of your comfort zone.
So. Let’s begin!


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  1. heartexposed says:

    Amen!! Lets begin!! (and Stand!) hehe. I love you friend. And, I LOVE your heart to know and love Jesus more! πŸ™‚

  2. I love your heart in this danielle! I want to keep my eyes fixed on Him and have doves eyes!!! Thanks for stirring us! Looking forward to the bible study!!

  3. Quiet Embers says:

    Hi Danielle, blessings to you. First & foremost it’s not by chance I found this blog. It’s quite the story and if I can put it in a nutshell to save on time, it was destined : ) . You wrote this Nov 2010, now it’s Mar. 2014 my appointment day, wow. God is good. I have been on a study reading myself, doves, Ex 33 “in the cleft of the rock” specifically & dove eyes. Pieces here & there, nuggets which I called my bread crumbs : ) . I recently heard a prayer sung by Prophetess Juanita Bynum in her opening of her message, she sung out ” give us dove eyes. I was on a quest to find more meaning into that phrase she mentioned. I finally did a Google word search on dove eyes and found 3 maybe blogs that sound very much interesting in knowledge along this note. Your blog was among one and a very vital piece may I add. You introduce a song to us by Misty Edwards ” Dove Eyes” in which I went to find and found. This is the most heart touching song. I believe it speak so profound to me because it’s my prayer in this season, God give me distracted devotion. Little did I know that opening prayer she sung was a song that my heart was in connection to hear. I found this other blog in which this lady, Becka went in depth & revelation on this dove eye perspective ( ) check it out, inspirational. I thank you for your directional blog, a piece to destiny reach. I started a blog for personal writing and I guess too it will be open one day, a story to be read because if bloggers like you help others the same helping story resides in me. Much and many blessings to you. May God bless your dove eyes : )

  4. Quiet Embers says:

    O dear I found a mistake, let me correct myself ” I believe it speak so profound to me because it’s my prayer in this season, God give me “undistracted” devotion.” Yes undistracted, undistracted. I have been so distracted, see, lol.

  5. Msr says:

    Nice commentary

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