Grace To Keep Going

This Sunday God really moved on my husband’s heart and mine. I awoke Sunday morning and felt like I really wanted to visit the church I grew up in. I hadn’t been there since I have been married and then some. So the last time I was there was about 6 years ago. God had something very special in store for us. The pastor (Dave Weigel) had a message all prepared for that Sunday, but felt that the one he had, was not appropriate for that day. So we first listened to some testimonies that some of the member of the church had of God’s grace throughout the weeks and months. And they were all very encouraging! So after Dave went on to talk about God’s grace and it being enough for us. After we went up for prayer and God really spoke to us! I had asked for healing for my eyes, since I have a blind spot in both of them, and God used that impairment and metaphor so to speak. They got words that Matt and I are stuck in a fog and don’t really see where we are going. I got this in 3 versions from them, fog, smokescreen and a sandstorm where the sand is blowing into my eyes and I can’t see what is set before me. That is true. Matt and I are eagerly waiting to move to Kansas City. God has called us to be there for a time and we wanted to go back ever since we got married. But we bought a house, had a few kids and it got hard to go. This last January we sold our house as an act of obedience to God and knowing that he is going to move us. Now we are on our way out of debt since that is the next step to getting down there. We have reached our goal of getting out of all credit card debt, now it is just the healthcare debt. There is not much there, but we want to be completely out before we move. So now since we have been doing this we feel stuck, confused and not sure of the path ahead, we feel mostly helpless right now. I suppose you could say we are completely blinded to the plan ahead and are asking for strength to continue to trust God’s will, to have grace for this road ahead, because we can’t move another muscle. This has been a tough season of life for us. We moved, Brielle had surgery, I was pregnant, both cars went down and we only had one car for about 2 months there, bought a new one, Shane was born, adjusting to life with 3 kids, found out I had gallstones, had surgery, and on top of all that Matt works crazy hours and we never see him. Although we do not know what is happening, how we will pay bills, how to continue on with Matt working a lot and not having much family time and so on and so forth. God really wanted us to know that He cares and the we need to trust in Him for finances and for companionship.

Which also brings me to another point in what these beautiful people of God were praying over us as well. They saw that we are to be different. Different from our parents, our siblings, our friends. To not compare ourselves to them because our path is different from theirs, our faith level will be different, as far as fully trusting in the Lord for things and not on ourselves or others. So we need to have faith and know that God’s path, plan and will for us is perfect! As hard as it is to not be able to be apart of everything that they are involved in or be able to go to things with them, God is with us and we need to know that from Him come good things.

So those words were very encouraging and gave us some strength and some more grace to keep on going and to not stop trusting in Him because He is our sole provider. “Test me” He says… He is challenging us to test Him, and so far He has come through! Not on everything, but on the important things. So you, whoever is reading this, test Him!! He wants us to! He wants to blows us out of the water with How much He cares and loves us. He will provide. He is faithful. And even if He doesn’t provide the answer or the path right away… He will give you grace to continue to ask until He does. So I am taking it as a challenge and I hope you do as well!

So sleep on those last little thoughts. Sleep Well and may God speak to you in your sleep and give you dreams and visions!


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  1. heartexposed says:

    I am so thankful the Lord met you and encouraged you! Praise Jesus! Now, we just pray and ask the Lord to move you to your next season quickly! πŸ™‚

    1. Danielle says:

      YES LORD!!!

  2. Jessica Ryther says:

    Danielle, you are such an amazing girl. Although I am sooooo many years older than you (ok, I am being a little dramatic), you are proof that age is meaningless when it comes to encouraging others in Christ’s love. I look up to you, my friend, and am privilaged to know you.

  3. Brittany says:

    hi love, i love your new blog and am excited to read all about your walk with the Lord, what study will you be doing? I would love to follow along.

    1. ellegirl15 says:

      I am just starting on Daniel Chapter 1 this week! Please do follow along! It is great when we can all encourage each other in Christ.

  4. danielle:
    i so appreciate your honest heart; thanks for sharing. blessings as He charts your steps along the way. and, praise Him for His faithfulness!!

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