Book of Daniel & My List of Change

So two weeks ago my great friend Krystal and I started reading Daniel. We wanted to do a study together, and since we started this I thought I would let everyone else in on what we are doing so you can follow along and comment too if you want! Thought it would be fun to start an online Bible study! Now this next post I meant to write two weeks ago from the first chapter I read, but had such a busy two weeks that I couldn’t. BUT now I will start this week with the first chapter I read and then hopefully I can get the second chapter out on Friday 🙂

When we decided to do a Bible Study we didn’t know what book to do. I was reminded of a time when we played an end-times game and we stunk at ALL the questions that came from Daniel. So we are studying this book. I have heard this is a challenging book, and somewhat difficult to understand. But I am ready for the challenge!

So Daniel chapter one was this week. This chapter introduced Daniel, & his friends… you know who they are 🙂 Shadrach, Meshac & Abednego. They had all just started training to be servants for the King. The also offered to give of His delicacies to the people training. What I noticed is that Daniel decided to not to eat of the delicacies provided. I was trying to think about Daniel chapter one and as I was  praying and thinking, I couldn’t come up with anything to say, but that Daniel and his friends didn’t eat the king’s food and their appearance was better, so therefore people eat good food and your bodies will look better and so on and so forth. That is good but that is not what I wanted to really talk about. Then finally at a friend’s celebration of life (my friend’s husband’s funeral), it hit me.  “Be in the world, but not of it”! Daniel was being in the world and not of it. It’s not like he purposed to make himself look good, he just did what God asked him to and God worked out the details. God put them all so close to the King! And all because they were handsome in appearance and because they “ate” good food!

See the world offers us so much. But it is our choice if we want to take part or not. If we “give in” to the things the world offers, how different are we from the rest of the world? We aren’t God has a higher calling for us! Another thing God did while Daniel ate of the good foods (a fast from other foods), He gave Daniel dreams & visions! He gave Daniel wisdom! Another reason why the king wanted Daniel & his men! They were found wiser than the kings chief advisors! Another reason to not be apart of this world. This world is great and there is a lot of fun stuff and tasty food, but ultimately to give in and to not be in the Word with God? It will wreck your soul. You will end up more hungry and more thirsty than you would ever know, and may even wonder why!  I don’t feel like I am making sense anymore, but I am kind of running with what comes to my mind right now, because I can’t control it at the moment!  LOL!! Anywho, let’s be in the Word, let’s pray together, let’s have Bible studies together, let us worship together, let us spend time with God and other Christians and pray about what and how God wants us to reach others and the world. We are called to bring light to this dark world. Why are we not doing so everyday? I am mainly speaking for myself, but I am sure there are some of you out there who know what I am talking about and who know that YOU also need to change your heart and the way you do things. I am not speaking to anyone in particular, just to anyone who reads this. You will know if it is you who needs to change because you will feel it in your heart. And if you think about it, everyone who reads this needs to change! Even me! We are constantly needing to change. We need to change our attitude, change our speech, change the way we dress, change the way we raise our kids or change the way we act to each other, change the way we spend our time. There are so many things that need change in our lives. I know of SEVERAL ways I need to change. Just to name a few things that I want to work on changing:

1. Change the way I talk to my husband. This is one in particular that I am constantly working on. He is the head of our household and he deserves respect. (there will be a post on this someday)

2. Change the way I interact and teach my children. They deserve time and attention. Not being put in front of the tv constantly.

3. Change the way I spend my time. I spend a lot of time on my work and on the computer and my phone. In the day and age we all get carried away with new gadgets. We need to just put all that aside and give our family the time and attention they deserve. There is a time and place to use all of our gadgets, but all the time is stupid. I hate when I am talking to someone and they whip out their phone because they got a text or an FB notification. I am guilty of this too, so I want to work on it. If I want to be treated a certain way, then I need to show respect as well and not ignoring people for the sake of my phone.

4. Give of myself more. I want to make it a monthly thing to make someone a meal or visit someone or buy a special gift for someone who needs cheering up. I have been confronted on this and I want a change!

5. Change my attitude. Especially towards people who “rub” me the wrong way. You know that 1st impression you get of people or that 1st judgment you make of someone when you meet them? I want to make a conscious effort to not judge a heart before I know it. God loves everyone! So I should love them too!

6. Change the way I say things. I need to be more polite. At least I think I could do better 🙂

7. Change the way I spend time with God. Mainly because it rarely ever happens! This is the main reason we have started this Bible study. I feel it will help me get into the Word more often and I will get a HUGE passion to do it more. I have the passion actually, just not the drive or the time (at least I feel).

So these are ways I want to change and have been trying to change. I want to be in the world, but in these ways NOT of it. And since Daniel did this fast and God blessed him with a good appearance (for the king) and granted him wisdom with dreams and visions, I too am going to start a fast! I felt that since I am going through Daniel, this would be a good time to do a Daniel’s fast! Feel free to join if you want, it would be a great way to gain revelation on your maker! I am doing this for my own personal reasons and my heart. My husband and I have been wanting to start a fast for a while and I think this is a good starting point 🙂

I really hope I made sense. I feel like I ranted the whole time, but sometimes it feels good to clear out the clutter of thoughts in my head 🙂 Hehe! Please feel free to leave a comment, let’s start chatting about Daniel or anything, or feel free to let me know your things in your life that you want to change. I would love to help pray for grace for change… cause God knows I need the grace as well!

Love you all!

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  1. krystal says:

    Friend, I LOVE doing this bible study with you! I love the things that you want to change. And I am praying for you! way to go! The Lord is going to give you grace to do it! I’m going to sit and make my list tomorrow, and we are both gonna go hard friend! I LOVE YOU MUCHO!! 🙂

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