For You

Here I am. Awake at 1:16am. I just got done cleaning my little house for tomorrow (today…whatever). When I am awake at night… my soul is awake! It feels more, it thinks more, rejoices more and it hurts more. Tonight. Tonight it hurts. It wants to cry. Cry for the lost, for the scared, for the overwhelmed, for the sick, for the confused, for the unborn, for the one mothers & fathers who have miscarried, for the hurt, for friends who have lost loved ones, for friends who have recently been divorced, for the hopelessly lost in their addictions, for the ones who have no hope, who think they have no where else to go. For most of these I can say I have never been in those positions, and I can hardly imagine the pain they are going through. My heart is in so many places tonight. All I can do is weep and pray for each one. If this applies to any of you out there reading this… Know this:

“How precious are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand;” -Psalm 139:17-18a

You are precious. You are beautiful! You are handsome! God made YOU! He thought of you before you were born, while you were being created. You were made unique. He has made you for a reason. He has a PLAN for you and He will pursue you. He thinks about you everyday. He made EVERYTHING just for YOU!! He made the heavens & the earth. The sunsets & the sunrises. The singing bird outside your window was made for you to enjoy. He takes pleasure in you and He created everything beautiful thing in this earth just for you. You make His heart LEAP! He dances over you with joy in eyes! BELOVED! What makes you cry, makes him cry. What makes you hurt, makes him hurt. You are not alone. He is always there. As you sit in the corner scared, feeling alone, crying, feeling as if the world is against you, He is there. He never leaves you. He is holding you close. He wants you to turn to Him. To look at Him, gaze upon Him and tell Him all that has done you wrong. He wants you to yell your frustrations at Him, so then you can have peace. He wants you to cry upon His chest, so then you could have joy. To Him you are the world.  Anything you are going through, whatever you have lost, whatever hurts, whatever you can’t let go of… nothing is too hard for God. He can heal the pain. He can’t give you what you have lost, but He can give you more than that. Whatever is too difficult to let go of, it’s not too big or too hard for God. Give it to Him. He wants to help. He LONGS to help.

Things in this world. Nothing is as good as God. Nothing can give you more joy, more peace, more pleasure than God. No person, no temporary thing in this earth can ever even compare to Him. So give it up. Whatever you are holding onto, release it. Release it into His hands. He is gentle and kind. He will hold Your heart ever so tenderly. Dear people. Don’t deny Him the pleasure to know you. Give Him everything. Whoever you are, whoever is reading this, I am praying for you tonight. For God to touch you gently, to speak to you softly, to let you know how much He dearly cares for you. He is reaching His hand out to you. Take it. He won’t take advantage of you or make fun of you, or take your heart and give it away. No. He loves you. He wants to love on you. He wants to sincerely and preciously hold you in His arms and carry you when you can’t go on any longer. Take His hand.

If you are in need of any help of any kind, please feel free to e-mail me. There is no problem too small for God. I would love to pray for you.


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  1. Dad Lesnar says:

    Wow girl that is quite the burden. Your kinda like me that way. I go through streaks where I go through that also. But way to encourage them, but how many people will know what you have just written?
    I love your heart and tender it is.

    Love Dad

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