My One Desire

Jesus. my Passion

“You are my passion, the one thing I desire. I want nothing more than to know You. You are precious, You are lovely. How beautiful is Your face. I just want to be near You. I would take on anything for Your sake, for You took on many afflictions for me.

I love You, my passion. I search You out day by day, seeking Your face, Your life. I want to run into Your arms. Oh to be held by You! That is all I want! How far must I go to find You? As far as I can, I will.

I love You, my passion. I just want to rest my head on Your chest. I will run until I find You. No stopping. I want You. All of You! Just to touch Your face and run my hand down Your cheek. Oh to be with You in eternity! I just want to be with You where You are. I will search You out. When You are my passion, what else is there but You? I will live my life for my one true passion. You, Jesus. You are my passion.”

This is SO my heart right now. I wrote this poem almost 5 years ago. I miss this. I miss writing. Writing was my way of escaping and talking with Jesus. I would write out my thoughts, my feelings and talk to God. Sometimes I was just writing out of my feelings and sometimes the Lord used that moment to bring out a revelation of Him. Most of the time, through my poem, He would speak to me rather than me speaking to Him or myself. Writing is something I am asking the Lord to help me get back into. While having three kids and in the mundane of life, a lot of my passions, (i.e. singing, writing, reading & nature photography) things that make my heart come to life, have fallen to the wayside. During this season of Matt being in the internship, I want to focus some time into breathing life to those coals of creativity that God placed within me for a purpose. So among many other things that I want to see change in my life, (being a more understanding mom, loving & giving wife, change in eating habits & working out) I believe that adding in things that cater to my Jesus & me time, all other things will fall in order. So I am going to give all my plans, ideas, worries, fears, stresses to Jesus, because He is able. He knows my wants & desires. I know that trusting Him with all is the best way to see change within my heart and life. He hears my cries & prayers and desires to answer them.

2″Hear the voice of my supplications, When I cry to You. When I lift my hands toward Your holy sanctuary…

6… Blessed be the Lord, because He has heard the voice of my supplications! The Lord is my strength and sheild; My heart trusted in Him and I am helped; Therefore my heart greatly rejoices.” Psalm 28:2 &6-7

See. He hears our prayers! Within the same chapter David is crying out in prayer and moments later he is praising God because it was answered. God is SO faithful to His word. I love Him.

Bless you!


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  1. Wow, I like the way God has gifted you to write Danielle! May God give you moments in each day to write 1 or many more words. May He prepare a place for you to create, even in the midst of 3 beautiful and wonderful children!!

    I miss you and I will pray for you! I love you, CyndyLou

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