You Know Better Than I

Recently, I was searching through netflix for a movie for the kids to watch. As I was flipping through I came across “Joseph: King of Dreams”. I have run into this one often but thought it might be too frightening for the girls. This time however, I thought, “Well they’ve seen ‘Prince of Egypt’ and could handle that”. So I turned it on and watched it with them. Little did I know that I would find myself relating with Joseph in certain circumstances, and I was holding tears back most of the movie. When Joseph was in prison I found myself crying my eyes out and I could do nothing to help it. Of course my kids just looked at me wondering why I was crying and tried to console me.

In the movie Joseph was thrown into prison for being falsely accused of trying to “lie” with his master’s wife. As he was in prison (in the movie mind you) he tended to a dying, withering little baby tree. By the end of his two year sentence that little tree had grown into full bloom it was large and thriving. I know that this MOST likely did NOT happen because in the Bible it mentions that the Guard gave prisoners to be watched over by Joseph. But in the movie as the tree bloomed, grew and blossomed, to me it just made me think of his spirit, the tree was an example of how his spirit grew and blossomed. Because as he spent those years in prison away from the world and possibly even in isolation, the Lord still worked on his heart and was with him. He had put Joseph in a spiritual desert and put him through fire to prepare him for leadership! Everything from Joseph being sold into slavery, never working a hard days work, becoming a slave, then falsely accused of a crime and put into prison for 2 years. But through it all Joseph always had favor, and God had His hand of protection upon him. Even though to Joseph it was hard and probably seemed unfair at times, but God had a reason for it all, it was all part of his preparation for what the Lord had in his future. He just had to let go and let God do what He does best. While Joseph was in prison (in the movie) he sang a song, here is a snippet of it:

For You know better than I, You know the way. I’ve let go, the need to know why, for You know better than I

This song really touched my heart and blessed me so much. I find this song so appropriate for the season of life my family and I are in. We continue to give up leadership to Him and trust Him, not once a week, but daily, even hourly at times. But I am thankful for His leadership and we trust Him immensely.

So if you are in a season that is difficult and lonely, stop. Ask the Lord what is going on. You may just be in a desert season, a preparing season. Going through the fire, to be purified and cleansed for something that God has in mind for you. And remember, 1. it’s just a season, all seasons have an end to them, some maybe longer than others, but the next season is right around the corner. And 2. The Lord knows better than you, all you need to do is surrender and trust Him. And never forget to praise and bless Him in the hard times. It’s those moments of praising Him that do the most and best things to our hearts! I know that when I am having a hard day, my heart feels a bit more alive when I can stop and just praise God for all the good that is in my life, whether it’s a prayer or a song. My favorite song right now is: “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)” by Matt Redman. So bless Him! He is more than worthy of it! You are a living, breathing example of His love for you!

I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” Psalm 34:1

Bless You!!

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