Day 4: We can love because He loves us

Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” 1 John 4:11

As I stated yesterday; love is important and the main theme of the Bible. We must love one another. Jesus calls us to. No matter how much someone screwed you over in the past or has hurt your feelings, we are called or rather commanded to love them. You don’t need to be friends with them, but we do need to love them, because we are also commanded to love our enemies. Why? Because most of the times the ones who hurt us or did us wrong need the most love. But we cannot love them if we do not have the love of the Father in us, or an understanding of the way the Father loves us.

We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

How do we expect to love others if we do not have an understanding of God’s love for us? We need to either have Revelation of this in our hearts or even come to terms with it. Some of us fight God’s love just because we “don’t feel it”. We are not always going to feel His love, but we can know it’s there. It’s in the Word over and over again. The obvious one is the fact that He died for us. Sometimes I don’t think we understand the extremity of that very act. He sacrificed His very breath and life to give every one of us life… with Him! Whoa! I mean I think we should just think on that for a moment! We were all bound for hell until God decided to do something about it. Someone needed to be sacrificed so that we could live! He proclaims His love over and over again to us through that and through everyday life. Every morning sunrise, He paints it just for us. And every sunset. A moment when a stranger buys your coffee for you is a kiss from above. But there are those times when we just need the Lord to break in and AWAKEN our hearts to His extreme love for us. We want to feel it deep inside of our very being. Every one of us wants to be loved and to feel loved. God created that for a reason deep inside each of us. It can ONLY be filled by him. You can try to fill it with anything you want, but you will still have that longing inside of you. We were created by Him, for Him! He created to be loved and to feel loved!

I encourage anyone reading this to do a word study or even just look up the word love in the Bible and see the many ways He proclaims His love to us. Because once we have that understanding of His love for us we will better know how to love the people around us. Whether friend or foe, family or stranger. We all need love. We need to have the vertical line of love from God to us before we can have the horizontal love from us to others. God IS love. The originator of love. He taught us how to love. Any love outside of God’s love is imperfect and bound to fail, because we are human and our love is limited. It usually bound to who can do what for me, a self-seeking or selfish love. Our love is not sacrificial love. But God’s love is. That is truth. And That is good news!

God I ask that those reading this would be granted revelation into Your heart for them. That they may understand Your love for them. Overwhelm them with Your love! Do what You love to do. LOVE ON THEM! I ask that you would surprise them today with Your love. You know in what ways they feel loved, because you know them better than anyone. Touch their heart. Amen!

Until tomorrow. Bless you!!


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  1. wandiamaina says:

    AMEN!!SO TRUE.Such a revelation. Thanks for the reminder of His unfailing, endless loving-kindness.God is love, for sure.God bless

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