I Am Weak

IMG_1375 copy 3Let’s start off with a confession… I am weak. I am such a weak and broken human being. I fail constantly. There are certain areas of my heart that are still tangled in defeat and unforgiveness to myself. You know that seems to be the hardest thing to do, forgiving myself that is. Forgiving myself of my sins and shortcomings. Forgiving myself for time lost. Forgiving myself of not being a better mom, human, wife, friend, homemaker. Sometimes I can literally feel myself drowning in my unforgiveness and failure. BUT! But when I stop, take a moment to breathe, pray and talk to Jesus… I realize it’s all an attack from the enemy. I have been bought and paid for by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ! He died for those very things that plague my heart and mind, the things that try to take our eyes off of Jesus and onto ourselves and our frailty. The enemy LOVES to distract us. To constantly cause us to feel like failures in some sort of way. To feel like I am the worst mom because I didn’t spend enough time with my kids today… which in fact maybe true. But we cannot focus on that, we need to focus on moving past the failure and trying harder next time, and giving yourself credit for the things you did do.

Jesus is amazing! Why? Because He LOVES us in our weakness and in our failures.

“My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.”

It takes great humbling to lay down our weakness. We think if we hold onto it that we are being strong. But in reality it’s the letting go of your failures and weakness and letting someone else, Jesus, take them on. He is strong enough and He can handle it. We cannot continue to punish ourselves for something we ourselves do not have the power to change. It takes the strength of God to change hearts, minds & thinking.

I have currently, off & on, been reading this book called “The Bride”. It is so good!Β  Here are a few of my favorite quotes from it:

“Do not focus on becoming perfect. Focus on becoming His”

“the flesh dies slowly, but it surely dies when immersed in a sacrificial life-style of unselfish love”

“It’s not about doing something to please the King you already please Him. This season is to cause your love to mature”

Even though we fail constantly, He enjoys us even in the midst of our failures. Especially when we are genuine and real to Him about them. He knows we’re trying and when we fail we must always come back to His feet and give it to Him. When we continually offer up our weakness to Him, He will continue to strengthen us. He is continually smiling over us. He always loves us. He will love us through our weakness, through our failures. I am constantly reminded of my deep need for a Savior every time I fail. We are not defined by the jobs or hobbies we have. We are defined by where our hearts lie… where we put our focus. Where our focus is, there our identity is found. If I focus on Jesus, my identity is found in Him! In being His bride. “Where your heart is, there your treasure shall be”. I will continue to fail if I put my gaze elsewhere. But I find true peace and joy when I focus on the Creator of peace and joy.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel says:

    Amen!!! Thanks for sharing your heart!

  2. ashley pullar says:

    Love it, we are called to move away from sin conciousness because our past and future sins are all covered by the blood. Holding onto our sins in a type of self-disciple is keeping us from experiencing the freedom God has for us.

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