Why I Am Giving Up Coffee.

IMG_5417I know what’s going through your mind… Why would someone WANT to give up coffee??? Intentionally?! You, woman, are crazy! Yes, yes. I may be a little crazy, but truly! I have my reasons. I will share my thoughts in 3 points for you. Now keep in mind, as I share my thoughts and reasons why I am giving up coffee, that these are my convictions. I am not at all insinuating that you need to give up coffee. Feel free to continue to enjoy your cup of delicious Joe! I just want to offer up some thoughts to think on as I share πŸ˜€

Well lady, why are you giving up coffee? Let me tell ya!

1. It’s painful. As of late I believe that I have contracted something called “Candida”. It is basically a yeast overtake inside your body. Not just the “usual” spot for women. So having sugar or dairy of any sort or even caffeine (in which my drink is 1/3 coffee, 2/3 half & half with a couple of pumps of vanilla flavor, healthy right?!) can put my body into some crazy reactions. I go from being dizzy, stomach cramps, muscle aches, joint pain and the worst, brain fog! At first I didn’t know what was happening to me and i literally thought I was dying! It scared me so much! Once I figured out what was going on I decided that I need to stop this ASAP! And obviously it doesn’t just happen with my drink, it happens with many other sugar, dairy & caffeine products. So in general, drinking coffee, although it may be extremely tasty, it is not worth putting my body through the pain of it.

2. Recently I started a bible study with one of my dearest friends. It is called “Thin Within”. In my quest to lose weight after my recent baby, who is now 4 months old, I have been struggling. Trying to find and research many ways. Before this baby and before my hubby went back to work, I was able to run all the time, workout and focus on my eating. Since then, however, with the addition with of this baby, adds onto me now having 4 children! Which makes life a little crazy and I am now on a quest to find a schedule that can include time for running and eating right without feeling to stressed out. So throughout my search I came across the “Thin Within” bible study. I heard from one of good friends about it and through this study she had lost 70lbs while doing this! This study is all about dealing with the reason why we eat wrong and why we go to certain things to find comfort when all the while we need to run into the arms of Jesus instead of fueling our wrong eating. In my case, besides carb filled foods, I tend to run to coffee. Pulling the entitlement card, “I need this because little man just dumped yogurt all over the floor” or “I stayed up all night helping sick kids so I deserve a cup of coffee” or “Things are just plain crazy and I NEED a cup of coffee” which in reality is just not true. It’s how a coffee addiction happens and even weight gain, depending on what kind of drink you get. I do this ALL the stinkin’ time! And sometimes I get a drink “Just because I want to”. How is this thinking ok? I end up putting coffee as an idol before God and choosing to band-aid my issue rather than running to the feet of Jesus and nailing my problems to the cross. Sure I may be tired and sure coffee may help. But is it a lasting help? No way! I am most positive that if I come to Jesus and say, “Hey Lord, I am stinkin’ tired, Please help me make it through the day” I am sure He would LOVE to help you! He loves it when we talk to Him and include Him in on every day life. The bible study is very intense on this point about making God apart of your decisions.

3. Last but MOST DEFINITELY not least, our bodies are a holy temple that houses the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus INSIDE of us!

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is inside of you, whom you received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

This has been a CRAZY reality for me. From doing my current bible study that I started near 2 months ago on the book of Daniel to this “Thin Within” study, all they have talked about is the importance of our bodies and how they are temples for the one true living God! I mean really?! All we do to ourselves is directly related to how we think about ourselves and how we think God thinks of us. If our view of our bodies are not in line with how Jesus thinks about us, we will never treat our bodies correctly. God views us as precious, holy vessels that carry His precious spirit inside of us. We are containers! If you have given your life to Christ, we carry something very valuable and precious inside of us. So according to the above verse, do we really think it’s ok to treat our bodies anyway we want?! One thing that was stated in my “Thin Within” workbook that brought MAJOR conviction to my heart was:

The thought,

“This is MY body, and I can do with it as I please!”

Think about this for a moment. Can you see how this prideful and rebellious thinking has led you to continue to overeat (or drink whatever to ease your mind) or misuse food even though YOU KNOW you want to reach your natural God-given size and be healthy?

Ouch. That hit a little too close to home. I know it’s true. Every time I go to buy a coffee and I have the wrong mindset, I am definitely not going to God to fulfill my deepest desires or my everyday needs. I am creating an idol and putting coffee above God, because apparently “Coffee will fix my problem.” The next statement made after this one, which was equally convicting if not more so, is this:

The truth that your body is NOT yours to do with as you please. It is God’s that He bought AND paid for with the very precious life and blood of His ONLY son!”

That sting lingers a bit longer than the first statement. I mean how bold of us to just ignore that we are temples of something Holy and precious and on top of it, paid for with a life that someone willing gave up for us! So now when I think about drinking a cup of my favorite coffee, knowing the pain it will cause me in general, but the thought running through my mind is “It deserve this” or “I need this”, a little sharp reminder of that my body is not my own and I need to take care of this temple! The Israelites were told and commanded to keep the Holy temple in perfect condition and to do all sacrifices perfectly before God. Now that there isn’t a need to make sacrifices like in the Old Testament, and the fact that we ARE the temple housing God, we need to keep it in just as much of a good condition or better! God desires our all and desires to be apart of our every decision! Maybe sometimes He says its ok for me to have a delicious cup of coffee and maybe sometimes He’ll say… “What do you need more? Coffee or Me? Which one will actually satisfy?” I think the answer is God.

Those are my 3 reasons for giving up coffee. In conclusion; 1. Candida sucks. Haha! 2. Coffee is not a solution to a problem. Don’t make it an idol. If you already have, like I have, take it to God and destroy that idol. Why? Because he said to not have any idols before Him and a lot of times we can make things we like an idol (some examples for me: photography, coffee, my phone) 3. Our bodies are a Holy temple for the One true living God! Let’s treat it as it was meant to be treated. With loving care! (this not only goes for coffee, but overeating as well, or any other way we treat our bodies wrong. Movies we watch, things we say, drinking, drugs etc…)

I hope this all makes sense to you. I’ve been thinking for days on how I want to write this. I’m sure I will eventually have coffee again πŸ™‚ But I would rather do it in a right spirit rather than out of my fleshly desires for the things of RIGHT NOW! When I could have God and create eternal rewards.

Would love to hear your thoughts! Feel free to comment! Also if you want to receive updates as to when I write more posts, please subscribe to my blog πŸ™‚ Bless you!


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  1. ashley pullar says:

    I gave up coffee for a month a few years ago and God’s grace was huge for that! Because just like you said Danielle, we need God’s sustainance, not caffeines πŸ™‚ I hope your body heals up and coffee can go back to its place as a treat for you, not a ritual. Great conversation starter, thought provoking for sure!

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