Rest In Me


Cause no one knows you better than me//and no one’s been a better friend than me//so Rock-a-bye baby come and rest//you’ve been tired lately//lay your head down//don’t you think, baby, I know best//I’ve been a Father for a long time//so call My name// and I’ll listen all you need//is here inside My arms//just sleep//and you will find Your rest in Me
– Stephanie Gretzinger

Life has taken some interesting turns for our family as of late. I’m finding myself with a desperate hunger for God’s presence and nearness. Fear is knocking at my door. But knowing He’s near is such a reassuring feeling. I am happy to have grown up, been given the knowledge that He is always near when I need Him. I was a very fearful child. I am a thinker and would think deep thoughts. The trouble was in doing so, my deep thinking would then bring out fear because I didn’t always understand what I was thinking about. I would constantly end up in my parent’s room, in the middle of the night, bringing to them my thoughts and fears. Sometimes I was allowed to snuggle in with them. But most of the time I was put back in bed, prayed over and told to talk to Jesus, since He better knows how to help. This was probably the best tool ever given me. Even though I didn’t agree at the time (because I would’ve much rather had the comfort of being snuggled in between my parents), but looking back now, it taught me to face my fears head on. So now when I find myself lonely, I know He is there. When I am fearful, I know He is there. He is never not there and He always comforts. Tonight I find solace in an amazingly touching song (part is quoted  above). As I listened to it, it literally brought tears to my eyes. The album is named “The Undoing” by Stephanie Gretzinger, (listen to it! Or get it! One of the two 😉) and rightly so. Because as I listen to it, God is literally breaking down walls I’ve built up. He is continually creating in me a new heart. He’s here and He sees what no one else sees. He is meeting me right where I’m at and He is comforting me by continuing to remind me to lay my fears at His feet and to entrust Him with my family. I mean wouldn’t He be the best one to trust them with anyway? He did create each one of them. What an amazing God we serve.

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  1. MamaCita says:

    That is beautiful Elle- what a fabulous photo attached to an amazing depiction of Gods love and care for for each us- You are deeply loved and cared for by us and so many others but you are comforted in the deepest part of your soul by our loving father and I am so proud of who you are in him and your honesty in each season of life!! My new favorite song has a line in it that says – I’m still working on my masterpiece! Which is so true, as we all surrender and give all our fears, failures, doubts and anxiousness to him he then completes us and crowns us with his peace and comfort- our part? Is to come to him – his part? Is to care for us – so it is work and choice on our part to to slowly see the masterpiece he is creating in us day by day!
    Love you so much Danielle- You are a beautiful soul xo
    Momma Bear

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