So it begins…

My tired eyes lifted open, I gaze around my room. My eyes fall to the right and was met by the slow breathing of my two year old, fast asleep. I gazed at his still and precious face. I smile. Beyond him is my husband all snuggled in with him.  Then, leisurely but surely, our bed is filled with little bodies. Soon the sweet calmness of our rest has been interrupted with the sound of chatter and giggles, and starts to grow. It’s mornings like this that make my heart swell with love and gratefulness.

That, what I just wrote, is exactly why we are doing what we are doing. Why we are making changes. For our kids, for each other, so we can be there! If something affects that, I don’t want it to be because I couldn’t stop to take time to care for my health. 

I have had a love relationship with food. If I was stressed, it calmed me down, if I was upset, it soothed me, if I was happy, it celebrated with me. So sad. There is a proper place for food and it’s not there to be my help in time of need. That is what my Savior is for. So to say I was living in sin and serving another God would be accurate. (Ouch. That hurt to say) I can openly admit that I was a glutton. I absolutely HATE saying that word and admitting that it is what I was… But it’s just plain truth. The sooner you can admit something, the sooner you can target it and go after it. So… I’m going after it! 

 Here We are now, attacking this mountain of gluttony, and heading into our 5th day of the cleanse! I’m honestly surprised we’ve made it this far. So thank you Jesus for your abundance of grace! πŸ™ŒπŸ» Now tell you the truth, so far, we’ve been feeling great! I’ve already noticed that my poor bloated tummy has gone down quite a bit and we are really enjoying the food choices we get to eat! It gives us freedom to get creative, because we have so little available to us to eat. But I LOVE any outlet that allows creativity to flow! However, tonight is the 1st time we actually struggled with a sugar craving. Let me tell you friends, sugar cravings are no joke. It was bad! I was cranky, so cranky that if came to my house, walked in the door and saw my face… You wouldn’t say another word. You would just leave! πŸ˜‚ My husband and I grumbled back and forth most the evening, along with me even being angry that he wouldn’t eat a cookie with me. Now how silly is that?! What a strange power sugar can have over you! So I think we can safely say the sugar detoxing has begun! πŸ™ˆ I pray my kiddos have grace for me over the next couple of days! I will be sure to journal my thoughts as we go through this! 

But I must tell you! We did NOT give in and we did NOT eat the cookies! Even though they were in my hand and I could’ve shoved them down my throat at any given moment… I didn’t.  I actually threw them out! πŸ™ŒπŸ» What a win that was! And to keep us from thinking about it further, I whipped up a yummy dessert my dear friend introduced to me the other day: Strawberries & Coconut Cream. Yum folks. YUM! I’ll share that recipe at the bottom for you. 

But you guys! I am so excited for this! Even though it’s hard and we use a lot of dishes, and there’s a lot of prep and work involved, it’s really rather doable to eat really well! It’s just all in our heads, a mind block if you will, that keeps us from doing the things we truly desire to do. A mind battle. Half the time we need to figure out the struggle that’s going on within us before we can make the outward changes we desire to. So if you are struggling like I was, take time to figure out what the real struggle is, and don’t give into the lie that food will fix your problem. Because it won’t. It will just increase your problem and cause confusion. Give it over to the one who truly loves you and longs to help you. Jesus. He’s so good at healing hearts. 


Now… As a I promised:

Strawberries & Coconut Cream Dessert

β€’ 1 big spoonful of Coconut Milk             β€’ Handful of strawberries                         β€’ 1 packet of Stevia or 2 drops of liquid Stevia

Grab a handful of strawberries, cut off the tops, cut into chunks, out in bowl and set aside. 

Next open can of Coconut Milk, get a big spoonful of the solid cream right off the top, then pour a little bit of the liquid milk (not all of it! Do NOT use whole can, save rest for another time) Heat in microwave or on a stove top, just enough for it all to become liquidy and not hot. Once it’s all liquidy, pour/drop in Stevia and mix together. 

Then pour over strawberries. At this point you either way right then and there with the milk a little warm or put it in the fridge to later enjoy chilled! Both ways are AMAZING! 


Ps… Working on getting a pic of the deliciousness for ya’ll!

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